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Teeny Tiny East 15th Street Studio Seeks $2,100/Month

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Speaking of small apartments, a Curbed operative spotted the latest listing at 105 East 15th Street, a building that, according to the listing, also has the bizarre name of The Swannanoa. At 250 square feet, the apartment compares to the smallest of the smallest places for sale in Manhattan. But at least, for a prospective inhabitant uncertain about small spaces, this one's a rental asking $2,100/month. The owner finished renovating the place in December 2008, with "a New Eff Kit,New Bath Fixtures,New Light Fixtures incl a gorgeous LR Ceil Fan Fixture, Wall Tile & Bathtub have been reglazed,all new electrical and shower body." Which is pretty much all there is to renovate in a 250-square-foot apartment.

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