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NYC Apartments About to Become Smaller Than Ever Before

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Mayor Bloomberg is looking out for the little guy, and by little guy we mean the type of person who will live in what is being termed a "micro-apartment." The mayor announced a design competition this morning to develop a new housing model for the City’s growing small-household population. The adAPT NYC competition involves a Request for Proposals for a rental building composed primarily, or completely, of micro-units – apartments smaller than what is allowed under current regulations. A pilot design meant to accomodate single-person households will be built at 335 East 27th Street in Kips Bay, where 75% of the apartments will be micro-units averaging 275-300 square feet. After the design competition, we'll let brokers and marketers start working on a more appealing euphemism for micro-apartments, because that sounds like it would be pretty heartbreaking for someone about to plunk down a non-micro pile of cash on first and last months' rents, along with a security deposit and broker's fee.
· Mayor Bloomberg Announces New Competition to Develop Innovative Apartment Model for Small Households []

Carmel Place

335 East 27th Street, New York, NY 10016