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Troubled Brooklyn Building Re-Re-Launches as a Rental

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Brooklyn building 542 St. Marks Avenue made an unfortunate list in 2009?the list of 65 buildings in the borough that were financially troubled or on the verge of distress. You do hate to see that. The building relaunched last year as a condo, but there were no sales. Now it's back as a rental, going by the name Mark Plus Lofts. Images and floorplans in the gallery above.
There are 36 units, and listings are up for a few of them, ranging from $1,829/month for a 1BR to $2,529/month for a 2BR. Reps tell us 10 leases were signed this weekend, but that leaves plenty for anyone who's still interested.
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542 St. Marks Avenue

542 St. Marks Avenue, Brooklyn, NY