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Pedestrian Plaza Madness Strikes Grand Central Heart of NY

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Lettered over the stone archway leading to the western entrance of Grand Central Terminal is "TO VANDERBILT AVENUE AND TAXIS". That second item may have to be scratched out when Vanderbilt Avenue is transformed into a midtown east pedestrian plaza that runs along one side of the massive building between 42nd and 47th Streets. The Dept. of Transportation is proposing to block cars from the narrow street—already a jaywalkers' playground—as part of Mayor Bloomberg's plan to upzone midtown east into a more skyscraper- and visitor-friendly area, according to the Post. The paper provided some examples of hardships that yet another pedestrian plaza would visit upon upon the city, including difficulties for cab drivers, a restriction of access to GCT for emergency vehicles, and an elicited sense of unease from a food vendor, even if it meant more business for his cart.
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