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Subway Ads Can Not Compute Due to Artsy Technical Difficulties

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Thanks to street artist Jilly Ballistic, New York City's subway billboards have gone digital, but not the way you're thinking. While some artists strike back against corporate advertising with traditional graffiti, Ballistic slaps on annoying computer error messages, making it seem like the ads themselves are experiencing internal, technical difficulties. An error on an ad for some new dance film reads "Low Expectation Warning: Expectations for the film are critically low and the movie may turn off at any time. Please reconsider viewing." Another, this time on a Coors Light billboard, says, "Under Maintenance: We're sorry, the product you are looking for is currently under maintenance due to a lack of quality. Please try again at a later time. Thank you."

Ballistic also strategically places black and white cutouts of miniature people throughout subway trains and stations. Here a WWII female pilot emerges from the "Emergency Instructions" sign, while two soldiers stand with gas masks on at the Montrose Avenue L stop.

Click through for more of Jilly Ballistic's work.
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