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Walker Tower Gets a Sequel With Hell's Kitchen Conversion

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Now that sales at Walker Tower, the conversion of a Chelsea building designed by Ralph Walker, are underway, developers JDS and Property Markets Group can move on to their next project?another conversion of a Ralph Walker building a bit further uptown. That building is 435 West 50th Street, and the Observer notes that the project just got $25 million in funding from Starwood Capital last week. Congrats, friend! Above, a before-and-after of the conversion. Seventeen stories of the building will get the condo treatment, for a total of 65 residential units. Chelsea's Walker Tower definitely has the edge when it comes to location, but perhaps it will help to inspire a more widespread Walker fever that will help its 50th Street sibling.

Meanwhile, JDS Development's Michael Stern chatted with The Real Deal about Walker Tower's sales so far. Prices on sold units have been as high as $3,400/square foot, according to Stern. The building is more than 25 percent sold.
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435 West 50th Street

435 West 50th Street, New York, NY