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East Ninth Street Parking Lot To Become Six-Story Building

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The familiar team of Ramy Issac and Terrence Lowenberg has, we learn from EV Grieve, reunited on a new project. The parking lot that now occupies 327 East Ninth Street will soon be the site of a six-story residential building, according to DOB permits. Those six-floors will contain just two apartments and a garage over 7,200 square feet. There are no renderings yet, but Issac's past projects have not been loved by the neighbors, so we're not expecting this one to meet with raves.

On the other hand, there might be a few distractions in the form of other building expansions on the block. EV Grieve's tipster notes applications to add floors to 329, 331, 333, and 335 East Ninth Street. None of those applications have been approved, but maybe the DOB is just waiting for the moment when it will cause maximum neighborhood annoyance.
· East Ninth Street parking lot will yield to 6-floor residential building [EVG]