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143 Ludlow Turning Reno-Demo Hell for Current Residents

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[Photos from Bowery Boogie]

At times it must seem like their building is being torn down around them while they still reside there. That's the impression we get from these photos posted on BoweryBoogie of 143 Ludlow Street. New owner Samy Mahfar of SMA Equities is gutting a number of units in the tenement between Stanton and Rivington; and according to the people who still live there, conditions are unsafe despite a number of all-clears from the Dept. of Buildings.

Multiple visits from building inspectors have not reassured residents whose apartments are sealed from the outside with plastic sheets at night. Firefighters arrived at the building last week after workers jarred a gas pipe loose in the building and the smell spread through the building's upper floors, according to BoweryBoogie. These are just some of the litany of complaints voiced by residents, and it all sounds like a nightmare.
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