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Here Now, NYC's Second $95 Million Listing of the Week

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The high end of the Manhattan real estate market has officially decided to skip the summer slow-down this year. First a City Spire penthouse hit the market for $100,000,000. Then steel magnate Leroy Schecter announced plans to list his 15 Central Park West combo for $95 million, and now, just two days later, the owner of a duplex at 50 Central Park South wants to compete on Schecter's level. He has listed his 34th- and 35th-floor pad for the exact same price, $95 million. The broker tells the Times that the seller?a ballroom dancer!?is listing the apartment now because "he understands the metrics of the market." We're glad someone does, because with two $95 million listings in one August week, we sure don't anymore.
The brokerbabble for the 50 Central Park South listing is rather sparse, but the Times managed to dig up a few details: "The 5,078-square-foot apartment sits at the very top of the Ritz-Carlton?.The upper level of the penthouse has a glass-roofed solarium that opens onto a 60-foot wide, 689-square-foot terrace directly overlooking Central Park." The contemporary design touches are the product of the $7 million renovation that followed the owner's $19.95 million purchase of the penthouse in 2006. And there is, not surprisingly given what we know of the owner's ID, a ballroom. (Sadly, there's no floorplan on the listing.) Prices at 50 Central Park South, while high in recent months, have generally stayed a little lower than those at 15 CPW (or One57).

So how does this stack up to the competition at 15 Central Park West? Schecter's place is still finishing up its renovation, so there are no photos on the new listing. There is, however, a floorplan. And here it is:

If you had $95 million and no choice but to buy one of these two apartments (life's tough when you're an imaginary billionaire in a Curbed post), which would you buy?

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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023