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12,000 Square Foot Mansion Coming to the West Village

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After the 2008 sale of 777 Washington Street for $34M, the owners of the Pro Piano showroom just down the block at 85-89 Jane Street thought, "Hey, we could do that!" They enlisted 777 Washington's brokers, Jim St. Andre and Peter McCuen, and put their property—really two adjoining properties—on the market for a combined $35M in December, 2009. Now, nearly three years later, the properties have finally sold, and, despite the long wait, the price didn't even have to be significantly chopped. A mystery buyer paid $32,000,000 for the buildings and has plans to turn them into a 12,000-square-foot mansion. However, since the property is located within the confines of the Greenwich Village Historic District, he or she could be gearing up for a great Landmarks Commission battle. Or the LPC could just give its blessing for the buildings to be torn down, like they did with 777 Washington.
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