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Ichiro's Apartment Hunt May Have Ended at The Laurel

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A tipster wrote in to tell us that new Yankees outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has decided on a place to call home for the rest of the season (at least), and just as we predicted, it's a very expensive apartment in New York City. Our tipster tells us that Ichiro has rented #25C in the Upper East Side's The Laurel, which makes a certain amount of sense. The Laurel is known for its state-of-the-art "triathlon training center," and Ichiro is known for being a guy who plays sports professionally. A match made in heaven! The apartment itself is a 2,778-square-foot corner unit with 4BR and 3.5BA. It was available furnished or unfurnished, and we're willing to bet we know which one Ichiro went with (if he did indeed go there at all.) We reached out to the unit's brokers, one of whom confirmed that the apartment had been rented. As far as who rented it, he told us, "it's going to have a be a 'no comment.'"

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