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Hottest Brokers Day 1, Round 2: Tempelfelde vs. Advani

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We've rounded up a collection of New York's hottest brokers, and now that the men have melted the ice in round one, we continue with our first distaff pairing: Linda Tempelfelde of Gumley Haft Kleier and Seema Advani of Elliman.

We asked each contender to reveal a bit about herself. Linda (above, left) is a former professional tennis player who got into real estate because it elicits the same competitive instincts she felt on the court, which she loves. Her work also keeps her busy seeing apartments and going to open houses, rather than sitting in an office. Seema (above, right) entered the field of residential real estate after time as a marketing specialist at a prominent commercial real estate firm. She feels her success is based on her ability to listen to, guide, and deliver results for her clients.

So, which broker should advance to the next round?

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