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Curbed's Hottest Brokers Contest Begins Right Now

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Our annual hottest brokers contest is here! We've rounded up the nominations for New York City's hottest broker and created a bracket. The nominees will face off in round one this week, with two pairs of contenders each day. Up first: Timothy McCarthy of Stribling and Steven Gold of Elliman.

We asked each contender to reveal a bit about himself. McCarthy (shown above on the left) tells us he's an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner in addition to being a broker. He's competed in more than 15 events over the past few years, including this week's Ironman U.S. Championship. Oh, and he "once showed a major A-Lister my son's baby picture that was on my phone to set a casual mood." Gold (shown above on the right) tells us that before he became a broker, he was a model.

So, which broker should advance to the next round?

Poll results

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