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Chill With Christopher Columbus High Above Columbus Circle

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As promised a few short months ago, Columbus Circle will be getting a new living room?one that doesn't require a multi-million dollar buy at the Time Warner Center for access. It does, however, require visitors to climb or take an elevator six stories up, since the living room is in the same stratosphere as the circle's 13-foot statue of Christopher Columbus. Scaffolding for the project, by artist Tatzu Nishi, is just going up now, and the living room still needs a number of DOB permits before the September 20 opening date, according to the Times, but it seems a safe assumption that everything will proceed as planned.

Like any living room that doesn't double as public art, Nishi's will include couches, a coffee table, and lamps (and, unlike most NYC living rooms, a capacity of 50 people). But, phew, no windows that open?and no Wi-fi. The tickets are timed, so people won't be tempted to sit around watching TV and chatting with Chris.
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