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Neighbors Resume 150 Charles Protest, This Time With Lawsuit

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Protest via Google Sketchup failed to do the trick, so neighbors of the future 150 Charles Street?aka the waterfall condos?have returned to more conventional methods. Eleven of those neighbors just filed a lawsuit against developer the Witkoff Group, according to The Real Deal. The allegation: that Witkoff was permitted to develop the building as an expansion of the existing warehouse on the site?but that he has actually torn down the warehouse. We smell trouble.

The plans for 150 Charles involve building on top of the warehouse to a height of 15 stories. Earlier plans also called for a "a series of 'cascading' water features from the rooftop to the street level." The Real Deal hears from a source in the know that those plans haven't changed, making the alleged disappearance of the warehouse rather mysterious.
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150 Charles St

150 Charles Street, Manhattan, NY 10014