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Landmarks Commission Denies 105-107 Reade Street Redesign

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The Tribeca mansion at 105-107 Reade Street sold in 2009 for $10.075 million. There's a redesign in the works, and today the architects brought their proposal for a redesigned penthouse before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. The plan: a metal, glass and mesh penthouse at the top of the building, which the LPC must okay because the TriBeCa property is landmarked. This was the second time the architects had come before the LPC, and the changes this time included the penthouse being eight feet back from the edge of the building, a response to a request that it not be visible from the street level.

The commissioners were split between two opinions. Some commissioners praised the redesign and said that it fit well into the hustle and bustle of the area, and they liked the fact that it was recessed. The others said they liked the revision, but it wasn’t enough to warrant acceptance, and the penthouse still needed to be lower and less visible. The addition's opponents also questioned the ceiling heights of 9 feet, 6 inches?and appeared unimpressed by the architects' response, that it was per their clients' request. The plan was ultimately denied. Back to the drawing board!
?Rob Aquino
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