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Greenpoint May Sell Air Rights to Raise Funds for Park

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[A rendering of a proposed park for Bushwick Inlet]

The City has admitted it lacks money and plans to deliver promised park land along the north Brooklyn waterfront, but the NY Economic Development Corp is proposing the sale of air rights for land along the Newtown Creek to a developer in order to raise funds to turn some of the waterfront into usable green space. According to DNAinfo, park advocates would use the funds from the sale of air rights to move trams (mini-buses) housed by the MTA off the property at 65 Commercial Street and turn the land into a park. Others want money raised selling air rights on the land dedicated to the construction of affordable housing. A Parks Department official recently said that the holdup in delivering promised parks was a lack of resources; "We don't have a bottomless pit of money." The city does own and store a bunch of trams though. Maybe it can sell those.
· City Attempts to Develop Long-Stalled Greenpoint Park [DNAinfo]