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Check Out New York's Highest Greenhouse on East 57th

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Scouting NY recently spotted a spaceship-like assemblage of glass levels sitting on top of The Galleria at 117 East 57th Street and thought it looked like the futuristic home from The Jetsons. It looks more like a stack of pre-fab greenhouses to us, and it turns out that the man who had it built did so to indulge his interest in horticulture. The 16,000 square foot four-story penthouse was built for Stewart Mott, an eccentric philanthropist and an heir to the General Motors business. Mott never actually moved into the apartment, adding an air of mystery to the pre-Deconstructivist aerie. And who better to take advantage of some atmospheric intrigue than a magician. The apartment was bought in 1997 by magician David Copperfield.
This exposed staircase from one level of the penthouse to a terrace below is not for the faint of heart.

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