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Much-Chopped Riverview Terrace House Finally Sells for $10M

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A shake of the head is our usual reaction to thoughts of 3 Riverview Terrace, a townhouse with a long and troubled sales history despite some lovely East River views. The house hit the market in 2005 for $12.995 million, chopped its price to $10 million, and then came off the market in early 2007. That was round one. Round two began in 2009, when the property was relisted for a whopping $19 million. A series of slow PriceChops followed, until the 4,274-square-foot townhouse was asking $10 million again. And only at that price did it finally sell, according to a deed that hit public record today. Good thing the seller only paid $1.6 million for the place in 1997.
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