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'Burg Firehouse Needs $20K More for Its Total Makeover

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The comeback of 134 Wythe Avenue, the decommissioned Engine 212 firehouse in Williamsburg, has been in the works for several years. The city turned the property over to community groups in 2008, and those groups waited until last year for big funding that would allow them to convert the firehouse into a community/cultural center, the Northside Town Hall Community and Cultural Center. (Patience is a theme with this building: in 1975, Greenpoint and Williamsburg residents occupied the firehouse for 16 months to keep the city from closing it.) Now the project is seeking a smidge more money?$20,000?to get it to completion. The Kickstarter has already reached $11,300. Above, renderings of the proposed 6,000-square-foot community space from Urban Architectural Initiatives.

The folks behind the town hall/cultural center explain the plans in a bit more detail in this video:

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