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Hottest Brokers Day 3, Round 2: Danzig vs. Hummel

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It's Day 3 of the opening stage of our Hottest Brokers Contest and we continue with a debut match-up of two men nominated by readers as among the best looking brokers in real estate: Evan Danzig of Elliman and Jordan Hummel from Town.

We asked each contender to reveal a bit about himself. Evan Danzig (above, left) comes from a family that's involved in real estate in Florida where he was a commercial broker, but never imagined he'd become a residential broker before moving to NYC and getting recruited into the business. Jordan Hummel (above, right) grew up in a family business in upstate NY, so found sales, quality service and effective client interaction second nature.

So, which broker should advance to the next round?

Poll results

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