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Take a Video Tour of the $100 Million City Spire Penthouse

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If you were wondering, the 8,000-square-foot 6BR, 9BA triplex penthouse atop the City Spire, listed a few weeks ago for $100,000,000, looks pretty much the same amount absurd in a video as it does in photos. Prudential Douglas Elliman Chairman Howard Lorber (no Raphael De Niro?) gave CNN a tour of the place, even though there "has been [interest] already." Lorber spends most of the tour harping on the triplex penthouse's amazing views, which, on one hand, fair enough, but on the other hand, are views alone enough to justify a $100,000,000 price tag? The interviewer asks him that very question, and Lorber comes back with, "Pricing apartments today, it's, uh, not a science." Very convincing.

Overall, Lorber doesn't really pull any punches about Elliman's we're-just-going-to-throw-out-a-ridiculous-number-and-see-if-any-crazy-foreigners-bite strategy, which is a far cry from owner Steven Klar's whole "this apartment is a work of art" schtick. If anything, Lorber seems a little fed up with Klar, telling CNN "This is what the owner wants for the apartment. It will either sell or it won't sell." Any guesses on which it's going to be?

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150 West 56th Street

150 West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019