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Hottest Brokers Day 3, Round 1: Garcia vs. Solmonson

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Welcome to day three of our 2012 Hottest Brokers extravaganza. The first match-up for today is between nominees Patricia Garcia of Eastern Consolidated and Isabel Solmonson of Gumley Haft Kleier.

Garcia tells us that, in her spare time, "I run a fitness bootcamp class on the West Side Highway in Tribeca because I love the combination of boxing and exercising outdoors. While I may be small I pack a big punch, so don't mess with me!" Solmonson began interning for Gumley Haft Kleier while she was in high school and spent time in Teach for America before joining the firm offiically. She once "found a dream apartment for one of my favorite clients and on a visit to the pad, amidst a bidding war?discover[ed] that the seller was an old college beau of mine."

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