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Courtney Love's Old House Now Available for $11.4 Million

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"After a decade long search," begins the brokerbabble for the new listing at 250 West 10th Street, "internationally renowned architect and designer, Steven Gambrel, spent two years meticulously restoring this four-story 25' wide landmarked townhouse." And then Courtney Love moved in, redecorated, and almost got evicted for it. Love won that fight, but when her lease ended, she moved out anyway. Perhaps it was the Love experience that led the house's owner, Donna Lyon, to decide she was through with the hassles of the landlord life. The place is back on the for-sale market, asking $11.4 million. And the listing photos are the same as they were back in 2009, with no sign of Love's makeover.

The house has traded hands a number of times in the past decade. Gambrel purchased it in 2005 for $2,608,700, and then resold it for $7,640,000, a bit less than the $8.8 million he'd hoped to get, in 2010. It was listed briefly in 2011, but instead of selling, it took a spin on the rental market. At one point, it was asking $28,000/month.

Here's the floorplan:

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250 West 10th Street

250 West 10th Street, New York, NY