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Apparently, No One Wants a $5M Medieval Castle Co-op

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A tipster was kind enough to point out the existence of this 5BR, 6BA combo unit in Lincoln Square's The Harmony, which has been languishing on the market for over seven months now (right under our noses this whole time!) asking between $5 and 6 million. It's having a tough time selling, having now endured two PriceChops, which is weird because you'd think the market would be great for an apartment with $10k in monthly fees where half the rooms are easily convertible into torture dungeons. You do have to hand it to the owner(s) of this place, who created a veritable empire on the 21st floor of The Harmony (the apartment is #21BCDEF—we'd love to hear #21A's take on all of this) and really customized it to his/her tastes. It's possible that he or she could have considered the resale value a little more, though? Just a tiny bit? At least the kitchen looks normal enough (so the servants will have somewhere to prepare your legs of mutton or whatever it is you eat if you live here.)

· Listing: 61 West 62nd Street #21BCDEF [Elliman]

The Harmony

61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY