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Big Reveal: $1.325M for a 3BR Corner Loft in Williamsburg

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Pricespotter guessers were fairly bullish on this week's contestant apartment, which is located at 138 Broadway in Williamsburg's landmarked Smith Grey building. The cast iron facade is why the corner apartment has 16 separate windows along two walls. The median guess of Pricespotter guessers was $1.525 million—15% above the actual asking price of $1.325 million. The range of guesses was skewed a little higher, with a mean average of $1.56 million. We didn't offer the fact that 138 Broadway is just on the south side of the Williamsburg Bridge, which may have shaved off some percentage points from people's estimates, but we feel like the landmarked building fact evens everything out. Thanks for playing!
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