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Upper East Siders Attempt to Set World Record in Whining

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In June they waged war against too-large street signage. Now, the residents of the Upper East Side have set their sights on a much deadlier foe—the dreaded newsstand, which is really, really bad for...uh...reasons. DNAinfo reports that three separate newsstands have been blocked by residents employing age-old battle tactics such as petitions, strongly worded letters, and community board yelling. Their arguments against the newsstands include "overcrowding," "visual clutter," and the classic I-don't-want-my-kids-to-even-see-candy bit that was previously employed by Park Slope parents who were furious (the actual word one of them used) about their kids being aware that ice cream exists. One Upper East Sider expressed confusion about who is even buying these newspapers anymore, as she just gets the Times delivered and then reads it on her iPad instead. Great point.
· Neighborhood 'Saturated' with Newsstands, Residents Complain [DNAinfo]
· Image via EV Grieve