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Hottest Brokers Day 4, Round 2: Beare vs. Smith

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This is it—the final round in the opening stage of our 2012 Hottest Brokers contest! Day 4 Round 2 matches up two women nominated by readers as among the best looking brokers in real estate: Elizabeth Beare of CORE and Sonya Smith from CitiHabitats.

We asked each contender to reveal a bit about herself. Beare (above, left) studied photojournalism and French in school before joining other family members in the real estate business, following a short stint in the fashion industry. Smith (above, right) was also in the fashion industry, working for BCBG in LA, although she says it was in the planning and analytical side of the business. Smith counsels clients to have their paperwork in order before going to see an apartment, so they can be ready to move on it when they find someplace they like.

So, which broker should advance to the next round?

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