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How to Reinvent the Skyscraper for a Wetter New York City

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The weather is only likely to get weirder from now on, and that weirdness could include storm surges and rising sea levels. So what happens to skyscrapers in a wetter New York City? The architects at HWKN?the creators of Wendy at PS1?have some ideas about that. We spotted their Skygrove proposal, a "new high-rise typology" that is "part environmental infrastructure and part vertical office park," on gbNYC and asked the architects to tell us a bit more about it.
The purpose of Skygrove is to protect the people who live and work in skyscrapers and to make use of everything the wacky weather of the future will throw at these buildings: "Every floor is a self-sufficient entity designed for independent survival in a maximum disaster. Floors are connected through a compartmentalized infrastructural facade that captures all services, from vertical circulation to water, energy, and air supply." There are certainly worse ways to wait out the apocalypse.
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