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Ben Stiller Selling After Enough Nights Near The Museum

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Maybe it's true that you can't go home again. Upper West Side native and Hollywood star Ben Stiller moved his family back to his geographic roots on the Upper West Side four years ago, when he and wife Christine Taylor bought a duplex co-op at 118 Riverside Drive for $10 million. The 4,000 square foot apartment is fit for a grown-up Derek Zoolander, with 5BR and 5.5BA outfitted for a family with kids rather than male model roommates. Now the RealEstalker reports that Stiller and Taylor are moving out, and selling their Riverside Drive place for $400K less than what they paid for it. Is it back to LA for Stiller and family, or are they looking to upgrade on the Upper West Side? Or is Stiller getting tired of being constantly accosted by visitors to the nearby Museum of Natural History, who mistake him for the security guard he played in that movie.