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Brooklyn's Most Valuable Townhouse Sells for $7.3 Million

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The townhouse at 40 Willow Place has a city tax assessment of $6.14 million, making it the most valuable mansion in Brooklyn. The owner put it on the market last fall for a bit more than that assessment?an ask of $7.5 million. It quickly found a buyer, but the deal appeared to have fallen though, as the place returned to market for the same price. Now, at last, someone really is walking away with Brooklyn's most valuable mansion, after paying, according to public records spotted by the Observer, $7.3 million.
The 45-foot-wide home was designed by Brooklyn Heights architects Mary and Joseph Merz, whose original design lives on in a 1966 issue of Architectural Record. It was most recently renovated by Gerry Smith, who consulted with Mary and Joseph Merz on the redo. The place now has a glass penthouse with Japanese soaking tub, chef's kitchen, and a recreation area, but the most dramatic change was probably to the rear facade, which looked like this before the renovation:

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Here's the current floorplan:

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40 Willow Place

40 Willow Place, Brooklyn, NY