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65 North Sixth Opens Its Doors With 1 and 2BR Rentals

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If you've been avidly waiting for a chance to move into the Kent-Wythe corridor of cool that is near the Williamsburg waterfront, 65 North 6th Street is opening up to prospective renters this weekend with a sneak peek on Saturday and an open house on Sunday. What's to see? One bedrooms are going ranging from $2,723 to $3,138 a month and two bedrooms ranging from $3,646 to $4,246 a month for apartments that may or may not include private terraces. The location is described as being in "the beating heart of Williamsburg," but that thump-thump-thumping you will hear at night is probably just the Music Hall of Williamsburg across the street.

All of the available floor plans can be viewed at the building's official site, but below are some samples of units that are now coming to market.

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65 North 6th Street

65 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY