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Murray Hill Townhouse Built By a College in Pittsburgh?

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The brokerbabble for this six-story townhouse, recently listed for $3,995,000, begins, "This exceptional single-family home is one of a row of 5 houses built by Carnegie Mellon for his daughters." That sentence is somewhat problematic, mainly because there is no such person as Carnegie Mellon. Andrew Carnegie was a 19th century steel magnate. Andrew Mellon was a banker who became Secretary of the Treasury. Each of them founded colleges in Pittsburgh which later merged together to become Carnegie Mellon University. And then that university...had daughters? It's more likely that either Andrew Carnegie or Andrew Mellon built the house for his daughters, but get ready for some plot thickening, because each of them had only one daughter. So that rules that out. Maybe what the broker meant is that this house looks like it could have been built by a 19th century industrialist, which it does. It looks very old and fancy. Any coal barons in the market for a new house?

UPDATE: Apparently, Robert De Niro progeny Raphael De Niro, of Elliman, was the first to make the Carnegie Mellon claim when he listed the property in March.

· Listing: 136 East 38th Street [Corcoran]