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Get a Close Look at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital

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There are big plans for the Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital complex. The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) and Douglas Steiner (of Steiner Studios) want to turn the derelict medical campus into a technology, media and film hub. Still in the early stages, Steiner feels comfortable bandying about companies like Google and Apple as possible anchor tenants for the walled-in complex on a hill overlooking the rest of the Navy Yard. He also envisions the 20 acres as a studio back lot, where refurbished buildings can serve as writers bungalows. Steiner is certainly putting his money where his mouth his. Steiner Studios has committed $375 million to the development of the former medical site, according to the Times, and is requesting $37.5 million from the state and federal government to improve its physical infrastructure. The photos above were taken in 2010 and are mostly of the almost 175-year-old Greek Revival hospital building, made with marble that may have been quarried by prisoners at Sing Sing prison.

The medical campus is the mostly green area at the top of this rendering from Steiner/NYC.