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Upper West Side Mansion Finally Sells for $10 Million Off

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The townhouse at 103 Riverside Drive had high expectations when it hit the market for $21.5 million in 2010?way too high, as it turned out. PriceChops to $19.75 million, $16.5 million, $14.75 million, $12.5 million, and $12.1 million had us preemptively ordering a PriceChopper Hall of Fame trophy for the mansion. Turns out we'll have to melt it down?103 Riverside Drive has, our friends at PropertyShark inform us, finally sold for $11.5 million. That means it narrowly avoids the PriceChopper Hall of Fame fate, but is still going for a $10 million discount off the original ask. Given the decor in older listing photos, that doesn't exactly surprise us.
The home's journey down the pricing scale was accompanied by several broker switches and changes in listings photos. Here now, a little trip through the family photo album, beginning with baby's first PriceChop:

When the property cut its ask to $14.75 million, it got this fresh set of less-stuffy photos:

It took one more set of photos (shown in the first gallery) and a chop to $12.1 million to get to a sale.
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