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Don't Hold Your Breath on Citi Bike Sharing

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Expectant riders can stop holding their breath waiting for the Citi Bikes bike-sharing program to get rolling any time soon. It looks like New Yorkers won't be seeing any of the blue bikes rolling around the city before spring next year, when the program will do a limited roll-out of the program in March. The company behind the bike-share enterprise, Alta Bicycle Share, has been claiming technical difficulties"software glitches" to be super vague and inexact—have rolled the program into a temporary ditch. The March introduction will include 7,000 bikes at 420 stations around southern Manhattan, or so claims the Dept. of Transportation. NYC Bike Share President Alison Cohen says, "We recognize that New Yorkers are eagerly anticipating the launch of the bike share system and we will deliver on that promise."
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