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DoBro's Miami Vice Penthouse Is Back, $1M Cheaper

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Apparently, someone severely overestimated the demand for apartments in Brooklyn that look like they belong to cartoon drug lords. This 5,100-square-foot elevator duplex condo was listed for $7 million almost exactly two years ago. A year later, it cut its ask to $6.8 million. Then it disappeared for a while, and now it's back, asking $5,900,000. The other major change to the listing is that the brokers decided to take the grand piano out. (Or it got repossessed.) Actually, they decided to give up entirely on trying to make the apartment look like a place that actual humans could live and just removed all the furniture. The new listing also describes it as a one bath studio. This place's confidence is shot. If it continues at its current rate, it should have some incredibly professional listing photos and cost around twenty bucks by 2018.

· Listing: 189 Bridge Street #PH18 [Nest Seekers]
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189 Bridge Street

189 Bridge Street, Brooklyn, NY