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Yellow Taxis Win First Battle in The War of the Cabs

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City officials must be pining for the days when the most controversial thing about the Five Borough Taxi plan was the color of the cabs. In June, the Metropolitan Taxicab Board of Trade filed a lawsuit after Mayor Bloomberg bypassed the City Council and took the plan directly to the State Senate for approval. The judge issued a restraining order preventing the program from getting started once the suit was filed and yesterday he ruled in favor of the yellow cabs, declaring the Five Borough Taxi plan unconstitutional. The city plans to appeal immediately, and called the yellow taxis' fear of competition "irrational" as the Five Borough Taxis would serve the outer boroughs while the yellow taxis are mostly confined to Manhattan. Sadly, no one had anything funny to say about the color of the new cabs. We miss those days, too.
· Judge Declares Outer-Borough Taxi Plan Unconstitutional [DNAinfo]