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Protesters Want to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

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On Friday, the Five Borough Taxi plan was ruled unconstitutional. Yesterday, protesters took to the street to call for a ban on horse-drawn carriages. How is anybody going to get anywhere now? (We at Curbed travel everywhere via horse-drawn carriage. Horse-Drawn Carriages: For When Taxis Don't Smell Enough Like Horse Poop.) The protesters gathered yesterday in Midtown in response to the incident that occurred on Thursday, when a horse was spooked by construction noise and ran into traffic, flipping its carriage. Carriage drivers don't see the big deal though. One bragged that the industry has experienced "only...a handful of serious accidents." And anyway, that's probably the last time there's going to be any construction noise in Midtown.
· Protesters Demand City Ban Of Horse-Drawn Carriages [NY1]