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A Festival About Dredge, and Another for Fourth Arts Block

MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS?New York City hosts festivals for just about everything, but here's one we haven't heard before: a festival about dredge, or rather "a symposium about the human acceleration of sediments, and the technologies and techniques we've invented which manage it." Called DredgeFest, the event will be "a weirder take on New York's geography and development issues," focused around the role that dredging and artificial shoreline plays in this city. "New York is a city built on dredge. Its waterfront is made up of miles of in-fill shore and deepened channels. Projects like the island-building currently occurring in Jamaica Bay exemplify the monumental scale of this industry," says organizer Tim Maly. The event will take place in September 28-29, and you can find more information here. [Curbedwire Inbox; official]

LOWER EAST SIDE?Fourth Arts Block announced that its annual arts and culture festival will be on Saturday, September 22. There will be free performances on multiple indoor and outdoor stages, as well as local artisans and gourmet food vendors, art installations, hands-on activities for families. Workshops for professionals and amateurs, ranging from dance lessons to how to market yourself as an artist, will also be hosted. You can find the full line-up of events here. [FAB via Curbedwire Inbox]