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Tech Mogul Downsizes to a $9.5 Million Penthouse

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Information technology mogul Gideon I. Gartner was once known for owning one of New York's most-covered apartments, penthouse 3B in Lincoln Square's Park Millennium. Two weeks ago, that apartment finally sold after years of PriceChops (although the closing price is not available, the apartment was first listed for $34.5 million and mostly recently for $27.5 million.) Now Gartner has already found himself a new, slightly less ostentatious penthouse to call home. Gartner paid $9.5 million for his new pad, a 3,000-square-foot 1BR atop the Metropolitan Tower Condominium. It's certainly very nice, with limestone flooring and rosewood and silver finishes galore, but nothing can come close to the $20 million superoffice in Gartner's last place.

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