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Big Reveal: $2.25M for An Idiosyncratic 2BR Tribeca Loft

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It's to say whether the unique features of this week's apartment worked for or against it in Pricespotter contestants' minds. On the one hand, not a lot of nice things were said about the particle oriented strand board, the tiny kitchen, and the bathroom tile. One Minnesottan even took umbrage that this was the type of design that would fly in Minneapolis. Then there was a lot of armchair analysis of the seller's mental state ("I will say that the owner is delusional"), or that any ask would be inflated by a sense of self-importance hinted at in the decor:

"All the quirkiness leads me to believe the owner is very pleased with himself and overvalues his property. $3.5 million ask, $2.5 million get."If the seller is crazy, he is crazy like a fox, because the ask for the penthouse apartment at 6 Varick Street is only $2.25 million, while the mean and median guess of contestants was $3.0 million. Thanks for playing!
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