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Heights Floorplan Critique; Hudson Square Rezone Certified

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BROOKLYN HEIGHTS?We looked at some floorplans for 20 Henry Street?the Brooklyn Heights candy factory conversion?when the project first hit the market, but we didn't pay much mind to the floorplan for 6C-S, a 4BR, 2.5BA. A tipster has urged us to reconsider, calling it one of the worst 4BR floorplans she's seen: "It's basically a unit at the Belltel," our tipster says, "but for four times the price." We figured we'd throw the question out to you, oh Curbediverse. Thoughts on this floorplan? Seen worse? Please do share. [CurbedWire Inbox]

HUDSON SQUARE?As expected, the proposal for the rezoning of Hudson Square was certified into the public review process today. The folks at the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation are requesting a modification to the plan?the reduction of proposed building heights, the GVSHP tells us in an e-mail?and they'd like the city to move on the South Village Historic District, for which GVSHP has been advocating for a decade. The Hudson Square rezoning has been five years in the making. Spring chicken! [CurbedWire Inbox]

20 Henry Street

20 Henry Street, Brooklyn, Ny 11201