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Hint: A Clear View of a Street Now Obscured with Trees, Time

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Welcome to Cornerspotter, Curbed's game in which you try to identify the location and/or identity of a particular building or streetscape in a historic photograph. Impress us and your fellow Curbed readers with your uncanny insight into New York City and its past!

Was it a particularly cloudy day, the limitation of historic photo processing, or are the mists of time that obscuring the informative details that would reveal the location of this New York intersection? It's certainly not the trees, which currently line these neighborhood streets. Have any idea where this is? Drop your guesses in the Comments and let the first correct responder win.

UPDATES FOR EARLY GUESSERS: Both of the corner buildings on the left and right in this picture are still standing, almost as pictured. The building on the right replaced its pitched roof with an additional floor and a flat roof. And the camera is facing a downward slope.
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