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25 Pictures of The Most Unique Houseboat on the Hudson

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After stints as an upscale New England ferry, a harbor patrol boat in Boston, a troop transport ship, and a ferry to and from Ellis and Liberty Islands, the Yankee has found herself a home on a pier at Hoboken's waterfront. Owners Victoria and Richard MacKenzie-Childs have spent several years turning a century-old vessel into one of the most unique homes we've ever seen—filled with art and character that leave it a floating anomaly in the shadow of the relatively featureless condos that otherwise line Hoboken's shoreline.

Richard and Victoria MacKenzie-Childs, who are artists and run a home decor business, have assembled a motley rotating crew of artists, visitors, pets, and first mate Josh who bringing and leave an eclectic spirit to the ship that matches the decor. Most of the interiors were made by the MacKenzie-Childs', and Victoria also can bake. She demonstrated by serving apple pie a la mode on the top deck of the Yankee Sunday evening.

One can actually book a tour of the Yankee with the experiential Baedecker company SideTour, gaining access beyond the public dog run on the pier that serves as the ship's canine gauntlet during the day. The ship remains moored to the pier, but a few hours aboard the Yankee is a journey unto itself. You can even stay the night if you'd like.
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