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Art Dealer Pays $1.8M for Dumbo Loft with Serious Views

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David De Buck, a former Swiss banker and current owner of the De Buck Gallery in Chelsea, seems like he'd be a man of considerable taste, and this 1,737-square-foot 3BR in Dumbo's 70 Washington Street that he just purchased for $1,785,000 does little to dissuade that notion. Enormous windows with southern and western exposures highlight the ninth floor apartment, which was purchased in 2007 for $1,664,838 and relisted the following year for $1.9M, and then again in 2011 for $2M. In the end, the owners are walking away with a modest $120,162 profit, but a profit nonetheless, and De Buck is walking away with a pretty awesome apartment.

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70 Washington St.

70 Washington St., Brooklyn, NY