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Sneak a Peek at the Woolworth Building's Secret Pool

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Parts of the iconic Woolworth Building are headed for a makeover as the new owner of the building's top floors prepares to take them condo by 2015. So Scouting New York had particularly good timing on a recent trip inside, from which he brought back photos of none other than the building's 55-foot-long basement pool (which is seven feet deep at its deepest point). And what an odd pool it is! It would not, as Scouting New York points out, be out of place on an NYC cop show, but that would have to happen soon: the pool is going to be cleaned up for the use of condo residents.

We've peeked at other parts of the building before, but the rest of Scouting New York's photos are still worth a look. Here's a look at some tropical birds in the arches:

Here's the staircase, to sweep you inside:

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