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The Rushmore is Getting Sued (Again)

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Rushmore developers Extell Development Co. and Carlyle Realty Partners are still trying to get out of paying the $16 million in deposits they were ordered to refund two years ago after failing to meet the September 2008 closing date on 41 units. (Extell and Carlyle have appealed the judgement four times now, claiming that they meant to write September 2009 on all those contracts.) Now they've got even more legal trouble courtesy of Chris Bevilacqua, who went into contract on a $3.5 million unit two years ago and has been trying to get out of it ever since. Bevilacqua has filed a new lawsuit on the grounds that nobody told him about the first lawsuit. What's with this guy? It's almost like he doesn't read Curbed or something.
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The Rushmore Condominium

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