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$7.4 Million West Village Townhouse is Slightly Problematic

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There are plenty of nice things one could say about 27 Downing Street. "It's a 5,000-square-foot townhouse in the West Village," for example, or "It has a bunch of fireplaces," or "It used to be a horse stable. History!" There are also some things that one could say that might offer more insight into why it was listed for $9.5 million last March, pricechopped four times that year (down to $7 million), then de-listed, then re-listed today for $7,400,000. One such thing is that the bottom floor is made up of offices, which the new brokerbabble generously describes as, "added BONUS and OPTION of COMMERCIAL SPACE." The word 'option' is probably a bit of an oversell. So is "spacious rooftop." So is "This home is SOLID," for that matter. $7.4M might still be a bit ambitious is basically what we're saying.

· Listing: 27 Downing Street [KWNYC]