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'Take Me Home' Wants to Go Back to Your Place

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A web series based on an attractive blonde trying to pick people up in public and go back to their apartments may not sound like Curbed material, but "Take Me Home" is an entertaining exercise in finding out how people live in NYC. In the debut episode, it's unclear how many strangers host Arden Myrin ("Mad TV") has to approach before finding a willing candidate who agrees to take her back to his apartment, but Myrin has a level of cute effervescence backed up by a good comic's ability to take rejection in stride that doesn't make it seem torturous. Once a candidate is ensnared, the show's premise is for Myrin to attempt to predict what his or her apartment will look like based on the candidate's appearance.

Producers have already shot a dozen episodes of "Take Me Home" with Myrin for the web channel SPACEStv. The first episode has a surprise element uncovered [SPOILER] when Myrin is examining the family photos on filmmaker Patrick McGuinn's wall and find out that he is the son of The Byrds frontman Roger McGuinn. In Episode 2, Myrin gets her foot in the door at a high-tech Upper West Side condo.
· Take Me Home [YouTube/SPACEStv]